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              China Agricultural Skills Competition

              DATE:29 May 2020        SOURCE:CAASS




              China Agricultural Skills Competition is a nationwide and integrative platform of vocational skills competition, aiming to promote the overall rural revitalization by intensifying cultivation of more vocational skilled talents who are able to meet the urgent needs of the agriculture and rural areas. The Competition is led by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and jointly organized with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions. The Competition is hosted once a year and the mainly participants are the practitioners in the agricultural industry especially the high-skilled farmers. The design of the competition combines the real agriculture and rural working process of production, focusing on accelerating the high-skilled talents’ training and selection. The Competition is conducive to motivating agricultural workers to love skills, study skills and upgrade skills. The Competition contributes to creating an atmosphere in society at large favorable for respecting and promoting vocational skills, encouraging innovation and promoting excellence.

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