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              China Agricultural Experts Advisory Group

              DATE:10 March 2020        SOURCE:CAASS



              China Agricultural Expert Advisory Group is a high-level S&T decision-making advisory body authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1998. With 100 senior scientists from China’s agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, ecology, economics as well as other agriculture-related fields as its leading members, the group also has a talent pool of nearly 1000 acknowledged young and middle-aged experts. The main advisory scope of the group includes: 1) proposing macro decision-making suggestions to the central government on strategic issues of agricultural and rural economic development; 2) proposing technical countermeasures to the central government on critical issues involved in agricultural S&T development; 3) providing consultation to local governments and relevant state departments on key issues concerning regional development; 4) undertaking entrusted S&T consulting and planning projects on industrial or regional agricultural development; 5) compiling Suggestions by Agricultural Scientists.

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