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              Shennong Chinese Agricultural Science & Technology Awards

              DATE:10 March 2020        SOURCE:CAASS


              Shennong Chinese Agricultural Science and Technology Award, as the inheritance and extension of the Science and Technology Progress Award of the former Ministry of Agriculture, is now a permanent commendation project of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and conferred every two years. Over a decade since its establishment, the award has honored 1095 S&T achievements in agricultural field, including 922 scientific research achievements (201 first-prize, 261 second-prize, and 460 third-prize), 110 outstanding innovation teams and 63 science popularization achievements, and more than 15,000 personnel have received the commendation. Among the awarded achievements, 100 more have won the National Science and Technology Progress Award or the State Technological Invention Award. Today, Shennnong Chinese Agricultural Science and Technology Award is applauded and widely recognized by the agricultural S&T community nationwide, inspiring the enthusiasm and creativity of agricultural S&T personnel, promoting independent and collaborative agricultural innovation, mobilizing the transformation and application of S&T achievements, and has contributed to the development of modern agriculture in China.

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