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              MARA held the start-up training of the "Touyan" project

              DATE:02 April 2022        SOURCE:CAASS

                Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) and the Ministry of Finance(MOF) jointly issued the Implementation Plan for Rural Industry Revitalization Leaders Cultivating "Touyan" Project. From 2022, about 10 leaders will be cultivated for each county every year as the “head goose”, and it will take 5 years to cultivate a rural industry revitalization leaders’ team. The team will drive the formation of the "geese array" of new agricultural business entities across the country, and consolidate the talent foundation for the revitalization of rural industries. Department of Human Resources, Department of Budget and Finance, Department of Science, Technology and Education (GMO Bio-safety Office), and the Human Resource Development Center of MARA jointly organized the start-up training of the "Touyan" project for cultivating leaders of rural industry revitalization On March 31,2002.

                The implementation of the "Touyan" project is an important measure for fulfilling the strategy of strengthening the country with talents in the new era, a key work for promoting the revitalization of rural talents, and an important way to promote the quality and efficiency of the agricultural industry and increase farmers’ income. The training emphasized that each provincial agricultural department should stand high at the overall situation, deeply understand and accurately grasp the significance of implementing the "Touyan" project, and spare no effort to cultivate a group of leaders for rural industry revitalization.

                During the training, the people in charge from relevant departments of MARA expounded the general idea of the project implementation and clarified the deployment requirements. The relevant responsible leaders and staff of agricultural and rural departments of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities attended the training on line.

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