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              Scientific Achievements Evaluation

              DATE:29 May 2020        SOURCE:CAASS

              CAASS (China Association of Agricultural Science Societies) is among the first batch of third-party appraisal agencies authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and ratified by the Ministry of Science and Technology on carrying out paid evaluation of agricultural achievements (including patents) in China. Adhering to the basic principle of being scientific, independent, objective and fair, CAASS evaluates the level, value and industrialization prospects of S&T achievements under the commission of agriculture-related departments or individuals. By means of meetings, on-site assessment and video conferences, CAASS takes advantage of its talent pool composed of academicians and experts to accomplish the evaluation of the planning, proposal and implementation scheme of agricultural scientific research projects, the production, transformation and application of the research achievements, and the building of innovative institutions and teams. The evaluation reports issued by CAASS are conducive to facilitating agricultural S&T research and promoting indigenous innovation of the country.

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