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              Introduction to CAASS

              China Association of Agricultural Science Societies (CAASS) grew out of Chinese Agricultural Society which was founded in 1917. CAASS is an agricultural scientific association in China with the longest history, and the witness and agent of the development of Chinese modern agricultural science and technology.
              CAASS is a national academic organization registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and works under the co-leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Affairs (MARA), and China Association for Science and Technology (CAST). And CAASS is composed of agricultural science & technology workers and relative units.
              Currently, CAASS has 9 working committees, 34 specific societies, and also offers guidance to local societies in 31 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions). The headquarters of CAASS is in Beijing, the main functions of CAASS are as follow:

              ● Research & Consultancy and reflecting suggestions to the government on agricultural strategy & policies;
              ● Conducting agricultural academic exchange events;
              ● Popularization of agricultural science & technology;
              ● Carrying out international exchanges & cooperation;
              ● To edit and publish agricultural academic publications;
              ● Evaluation of agricultural scientific research achievements;
              ● Organizing selection of Shennong Chinese Agricultural science & technology awards;
              ● Cultivation & recommendation of agricultural talents;
              ● Conducting propaganda of excellent agricultural scientific workers.


              Zhang Taolin
              Vice presidents:
              Wan Jianmin Liu Xu Sun Qixin Wu kongming Shen Renfang Chen Xiaoya Zhou Guanghong Hu Yiping Yu Shuxun Liao xiyuan


              Secretary General:
              Hu Yiping
              Vice Secretary Generals:
              Chen Jinfa Wu Jinyu Mo Guanggang Yang Guoxing


              Administrative Office
              HR Office
              Finance Office
              Research &Advisory Dept
              International cooperation Dept
              Information Dept
              Talents management Dept
              Talents assessment Dept
              Training Dept
              Occupation skill appraisal Dept
              Academic Exchange Dept
              Science Popularization Dept
              Science and technology evaluation Dept
              Editing and Publication Dept


              Cotton Science Society
              Cropping System Society
              Genetic Resources Society
              Special Local Products Society
              Agricultural Information Society
              Edible Fungi Society
              Library and Information Science Society
              Economic Management of Agricultural Research Society
              Agricultural Application of Computer Society
              Agricultural Analysis and Arable land Quality Society
              Agricultural products Storage and Processing Society
              Agricultural High-tech Application Society
              Agricultural Meteorology Society
              Grape Science Society
              Agricultural Scientific Journals Society
              Food and Nutrition Science Society
              Integrated Agriculture Society
              Agricultural Modernization Society
              Agricultural Education Society
              Trace Elements and Food Chain Society
              Agro-tech Awards Fund management committee Society
              Agricultural Resources and Environment Society
              Grain Crops Society
              Agricultural Sci-Tech Park Society
              Agricultural Industrialization Society
              Food Safety Society
              Comprehensive Utilization of Straw Resources Society
              Urban Agriculture and Recreational Agriculture Society
              Agricultural and Rural Talents Society
              Awarding Committee
              Agricultural Heritage Society
              Agricultural Environmental Damage Assessment Society
              Agricultural Monitoring and Warning Society

              Copyright @ 2019 China Association of Agricultural Science Societies
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