Jean & Holli

Jean M began with a dream come true — and a promise

I’ve been a wedding consultant for years and know firsthand what goes into creating the perfect wedding. Along the way, I’ve listened to what brides really want: to create warm, personal occasions, no matter what the degree of formality. You want your invitations to set the tone for the entire event. You want a celebration that is an expression of your and your fiancé’s style — one that shares with your guests who you are.

The dream come true: When it was time to plan my daughter Holli’s wedding, we were so excited! However, Holli quickly found that what she wanted wasn’t available in the usual places. So I went into consultant mode and called upon all my contacts and resources to find unique items that matched her classy, unique style.

The promise: Holli and I realized that other brides must be going through the same frustration. So I went into action again and launched the Jean M brand. The Jean M brand offers lots of new ideas and products, from invitations to accessories, to help you turn your ideas into reality. Use your creativity to put our products to work in ways that will beautifully complement your wedding style. Go ahead, start browsing and dreaming! Holli and I had the time of our lives planning her wedding. We hope our ideas, advice and products will help you have an equally wonderful experience.

We promise to deliver what you deserve — the very best!

Jean M®